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This webpage is indended as a means of obtaining comments and critiques on select  written material I hope to have published.  I am currently working on a manuscript I hope to have published as an offically licensed Star Trek Voyagertm Pocket Book through Simon and Schuster Inc.   I'm seeking a published author, literary agent, or editor of current Star Trek licensed books and materials to help me submit my manuscript for critique and hopefully, its eventual publication.  Simon and Schulster does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.  For details see their link here: www.simonandschuster.com/help/publishing#manuscripts

In an effort to judge the general Star Trek Fan base interest in my novel attempt, I am publishing some select sections of my written works on these webpages for your review and comments.  If you wish to leave a comment about the material you read here, please do so in the Guest Comments section of this webpage or e-mail me at : mailto:BJenssen2009@hotmail.com




Star Trek, its characters, feature films, TV series and merchandise, I acknowledge are sole property of CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures.   I am not selling any of my written materials at this time nor am I being compensated in any way through this webpage.  I am only seeking to have my written works published under license through Simon and Schuster Inc. as part of the Star Trek Pocket Book series.










The selected sections from the original written manuscript for the proposed novel "Star Trek Voyagertm: A Captain's Metal" you are about to read are copywrite protected through the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8 and through the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) .  These short sections provided here for your review and enjoyment are the original works of the author, Burgundy M. Jenssen, and can not be copied, duplicated, modified or used for any other purposes without written consent.


More information on copywrite laws can be found here:




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